Kashmir is a place of vim, vigour, and vibrancy, nowhere is this more clear than in the kitchen. Whether by an open fire or the side of a madcap market street, seasoned veterans and chatty street vendors alike have poured their knowledge into this most delectable selection.

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Our Story

In 1977, our grandparents’ first restaurant opened its doors to share the culture they carried from Kashmir to a Yorkshire they learned to call home.

Today, a generation equally at home in both surrounds is fired by the same wish to offer the best of our combined cultures, joys, and pleasures with all those who wish to partake.

Family has been the heart of what we do, and always will be. From the grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends who have laboured lovingly in this shared task, welcome to Wazwān.

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The fine people of Kashmir’s verdant valleys are no more strangers to making merry than any other.

From an honest folk with love of a good joke, the following concoctions combine vibrant fruits, scented spices, heady spirits, and other such joys in the mirthful tradition of Kashmir’s green valleys.


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