We at Wazwān believe in breaking bread with the ones we love. Each dish on our menu has been enjoyed at our grandmother’s table, or on sojourns to the bustling bazaars of Kashmir.

In Kashmir guests are a sacred blessing for the homes they visit.

From all of us at Wazwān, welcome to ours.


Our Menu

Small Plates

To open the palate before indulging or to be
enjoyed in a tapas style.

Chicken Pakora (D E) 5.5

Succulent chicken lovingly marinaded in a fragrant spice blend, battered with gram flour and deep fried. India’s answer to southern fried chicken.

Khasta Bhindi (V) 4.9

Okra battered in flavoursome flour – crisp.

Machli Masāla 6.5

Sustainable cod brings the Atlantic to this contemporary Kashmiri classic. Dusted with gram flour and aromatic spices, and deep fried to put the deep sea to shame.

Samosa Chāt (D G) 5.5
Crispy vegetable samosas sit with saucy chickpeas and potatoes, covered in cool yoghurt. Warm to some, cold to others, moreish to all – topped off with tangy tamarind.

Sev Pūri (G V) 5.5

From the bustling bazaars of Bombay, our puri hosts diced onions, chickpeas, and hearty British potatoes. Overflowing with tangy tamarind chutney and topped off with crunchy sev noodles, this is a Bombay feeling on a Sheffield Plate.

Pakora (V) 4.9

We started making these when we opened our first branch in 1977. We’ve preserved Mrs Sabir’s recipe for four decades.

Kachori (G V) 4.9

Mixed lentils fragrantly spiced, battered and deep fried. The samosa’s big, bold brother.

Bihāri Wings 5.5

Chicken Wings marinated with choice tandoori masala, mustard seeds and grilled with a sense of fun.

Aloo Tikki 4.90

British Potatoes smashed together with garlic, ginger, crushed chillies, and wholesomely pan seared.

Little Bites

To open the palate before indulging or to be
enjoyed in a tapas style.

Popadom 1.0

Seasoned gram flour delicately fried to a crisp. Cracker with enhanced flavour.

Pickle Tray (D) 3.0

A selection of classics – vibrant mango, aromatic onion, fiery red chilli, and cooling mint sauce – complement the popadom perfectly.


Designed to feed the hungry Turkic horsemen who introduced the grill to Kashmir’s mountainous climes. Sit perfectly with bread or rice.

Chops 8.9

Succulent chops marinated to enhance the taste of premium, farm-reared British mutton. Flame grilled over wood charcoal – the way they should be.

Seekh Kebab 8.0
Premium minced lamb seasoned with coriander, green chillies, and a well curated spice blend, grilled over wood charcoal to unlock their flavour.

Jhingha Khās (C) 12.9

The Bay of Bengal is home to the finest king prawns in the world. We bring them to you, turned in our age-old tikka masala and grilled over wood charcoal.

Paneer Tikka (D) 7.9

A sturdy cheese that spends its early life squashed under a slab of stone. Rugged and bold, here it’s patiently grilled over wood charcoal, soft and gentle beneath a proud exterior.


Chicken Tikka 8.9
On the hills of Sarhad, freshly diced chicken is marinated in a fiery tikka blend and crisped over an open fire. Lean and clean, if it works for the noble people of Pakhtunkhwa, it works for us.


We all know what we are here for…

Hyderabādi Chicken (D) 11.5
Tender chicken steeped in a rich curry of garlic, ginger, fresh coriander and poppy seeds. An Aagrah signature dish.

Karahi Chicken 11.5

Diced chicken paired with crushed red chillies, full bodied garlic, and a dash of lime. Unashamedly bold and unmistakably Punjabi.

Chicken Makhani (D) 11.5

Guests in Kashmir are honoured with the best food cooked in home-churned butter. Succulent chicken in a silky smooth sauce – a proper curry

Nihāri (G) 13.9
Robust lamb shank in an earthy stew of ginger, garlic, and an old family spice blend. A royal fare common at the courts of the Mughal Emperors, this hearty classic is cooked for hours to extract its unique flavour.

Workers’ Dāl (D G) 6.5

Dark, rich and earthy lentils bursting with flavour. Simmered over 24 hours in homemade butter, the way our grandmothers insist it should be, a warm hug at the end of a long work day.

Channa Pūri (D G) 8.9

Vibrant chickpeas in a bold partnership with coriander, onions, whole black pepper and cardamom. Served with pūri bread of the finest flour.

Sāgh Āloo (V) 8.9

A humble and giving vegetarian curry of spinach, potatoes, close to Kashmiri hearts everywhere.

Thowm Wali Sabzi (V) 8.9

A fresh vegetarian selection cooked lovingly with subtle herbs, bold garlic, and zesty coriander. There are many vegetables to choose from in a place that grows everything.

Chicken Tikka Masāla (D N) 11.5

A bright curry of tomatoes, coriander, nuts and green chillies accompanies diced succulent chicken. Yorkshire and India in equal measure.

Nimak Mandi Gosht 12.9

Though vibrant spices are a staple of subcontinental cuisine, the Pakhtuns believe tender meat is best with its own rich flavour. We offer you a Pakhtun staple; premium meat with salt, pepper, and a hint of ginger, cooked to perfection.

Gosht Achār (D) 12.9

Succulent mutton cooked with zesty pickled spices, fresh tomatoes, ginger and simmered in yoghurt with curried bay leaf. An Aagrah signature dish.

Chicken Afghani (D) 11.5

A fiery affair of green chillies, freshly ground black pepper and garlic accompany succulent chicken. The heat is tempered with cooling yoghurt; another Pakhtun favourite.

Butter Chicken (D) 11.5

Perhaps the smoothest of India’s many curries, homemade butter, tomatoes and ginger are steeped with bay leaf, constituting this redolent affair.

Lahsen Chicken 11.5

Garlic is perhaps the boldest of Kashmiri flavours. Here, it takes centre stage alongside succulent chicken, fresh coriander and a selection of well loved herbs.

Chicken Jalfrezi (E) 11.5

A staple of Bengal is a rich sauce of garlic, tamarind, tomato and egg, finished with a regional spice blend. Here accompanying succulent chicken.

Karahi Gosht 12.9

Well-reared mutton paired with crushed red chillies, full bodied garlic, and a dash of lime. Distinct, bold, and unmistakably Punjabi.

King Prawn Achār (C D) 12.9

Tiger king prawns cooked with zesty pickled spices, fresh tomatoes, ginger and simmered in yoghurt with curried bay leaf. An Aagrah signature dish.



Perhaps refined best by the Sindhi people, a bowl to give contentment to the lucky diner.

Chicken Sindhi Biryani 12.0

A portly pot of premium chicken and the finest basmati rice, steamed with warming ginger and aromatic plum. Brought together with our traditional biryani masala blend.

Sabzi Biryani (V) 10.5

An earthy blend of fresh vegetables warmed with ginger and aromatic plum. Sitting happily in fragrant basmati cured with cardamom and our traditional biryani masala blend.


To eat a curry without Nān, Roti, Rice or Paratha is like eating custard with no spoon.

Nān (D G) 3.2

Baked to order in our tandūr.

Garlic Nān (D G) 3.4

With a loving garlic garnish.

Kashmiri Nān (D G) 3.9

Baked with shredded coconut, sultanas, and fragrant pineapple – for the sweet toothed.

Cheese Nān (D G) 3.9

Who would want a pizza?

Rumali Roti (G) 3.2

Roti, thoughtfully rolled, delicately thin, and finished on the bottom of a tawa.

Tandūri Roti (G) 3.2

The classic companion to most dishes.

Paratha (D G) 3.2

Golden, crispy, layered, and finished with ghee on a tawa.

Steamed Rice 3.5

The finest, fragrant basmati speaks for itself.

Pilau Rice 3.9

Basmati steeped in onion, bay leaf and cumin.

Vegetarian Sides

A pleasing accompaniment to the meal of many an ancient Kashmiri Pandit.

Aloo Bhāji (V) 5.0

New baby potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, green chillies and mustard seeds with selected herbs and spices.

Pālak (V) 5.0

Spring leaf spinach accompanied by fragrant garlic, bold onions, and full-bodied tomato – a verdant accompaniment.

Green Dāl Salad (V) 4.0

A refreshing affair of diced red onion, green urad daal, tomatoes, and other such delights.

Kachumber (V) 4.0

Cooling cucumbers come together with onions, tomatoes and a vibrant dressing.

Raita (D) 3.5

A cooling affair of yoghurt and cucumber – take the heat out of your curry.

Teas & Coffees

The taking of tea in Kashmir needs no excuse, but is common between courses and after meals. Both these time-honoured options are available with oat milk for those who desire it.

Noon Chai 2.8
If one were to brew together all of Kashmir’s beauty, wisdom, and ancient hospitality, the resulting libation would be a dusky, welcoming pink. Noon Chai is exactly this – drink of busy mandarins, village farmers, and mountain sages alike.

Karak Chai (D) 2.8

Black tea, rich milk, fragrant cardamom and warming spices are teased together in this most exceptional of concoctions.

English Breakfast (Pot) 2.5

Mint (Pot) 2.5

Green (Pot) 2.5

Latte 3.0

Cappuccino 3.0

Hot Chocolate 3.0

Espresso 2.5


Kulfi (D N) – 4.0

A right royal treat! Special blend of finest dairy kulfi made using rabdi (concentrated milk), topped with saffron sauce and garnished with almond and pistachio.

Jam Pudding – 5.0

Vanilla sponge immersed in rich and creamy strawberry sauce – the nation’s favourite.

Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake – 5.0

Rich sponge is layered with opulent icing to make the most chocolatey of chocolate cakes.

Cookie Dough Cheesecake – 5.0

A chocolate bourbon biscuit base sits beneath a deep layer of smooth chocolate chip cookie dough, crowned with New York Cheesecake.

Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate – 4.0

Sophisticated Swiss chocolate shavings give flavour to a creamy, lovingly made ice cream.

Mövenpick Vanilla Dream – 4.0

Madagascan bourbon vanilla blended with Alpine cream; so good you will think you’re dreaming.

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